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N365 rollout - mandatory for all users

We are continuing to rollout Microsoft Suite N365 to all DCHS devices. If you haven’t yet been contacted by the N365 team, please be patient and do not attempt installation until you receive email instructions that are specific to you from the team. Staff must not install 365 software from the internet, as this is not licensed for NHS use.

What is N365?
N365 is the up-to-date version of the Microsoft Suite specifically licensed for NHS use. It is a national requirement from NHS Digital. This is being rolled out in waves, not necessarily by team, department or division.

How do I Install N365?
Full instructions on how to install will be emailed directly to you. When the team contact you, please ensure that you complete the installation process by the deadline given in your email from the team. We will then be able to provide support to you if necessary.

Any questions?
The project team are very happy to help.  Please send your queries to them via e-mail.

Thank you

sent on behalf of DCHS N365 Project Team