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National quarterly pulse survey

A really positive set of results for our first National Quarterly Pulse Survey with a response rate of 51% - that’s compared to the survey provider average of 26% (there were 29 other organisations who ran the survey with our survey provider).

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, when we’re very aware of the challenging times you continue to work in. We understand these challenges persist, but are pleased to see an overall positive reflection from the results.


What did the results tell us?
DCHS scored higher than the survey provider average in all 9 questions, which is an amazing achievement. See the full dashboard here.

Our Staff Engagement score was 7.25, compared to the survey provider average 6.76

The Staff FFT scores provide us with assurance as we received the following results:

  • 73.5% would recommend us as a place to work
  • 87% would be happy to recommend the standard of care to a friend or relative.

Next steps:
The results have been shared with all teams and we ask for these to be discussed at team level and to consider how to be even better (see our page for full details). The annual NHS Staff Survey will be launching in September and this will give everyone a more detailed opportunity to tell us what it is like to work at DCHS.