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We want to know the experiences and opinions of LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ employees

Each year we take part in the LGBT+ charity Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index, which is a benchmarking tool for organisations to track their progress on lesbian, gay, bi and trans inclusion in the workplace. The score we receive helps us understand what’s going well, what requires our focused effort, as well as comparing our position to other organisations and the chance to receive a new bronze, silver or gold Stonewall Award and enter the top 100 Stonewall Employers.


Why does this matter?
We have been talking about equality and diversity for quite some time, but the recent Covid-19 pandemic highlighted inequalities, discrimination and social injustice across all minority groups and it is more important than ever that we get inclusion right and foster an organisation where everyone feels they belong. As a Trust, we know that people feeling free to be their authentic selves boosts morale, increases work satisfaction and improves wellbeing, which can then have a chain reaction effect to reduce absence levels, increase team working relationships, increase job enjoyment, improve patient outcomes and their experiences.

Over the last year our resourcing team have been busier than ever and we want to help them attract a broad diversity of people. Being an organisation who participates in Stonewalls Workplace Equality Index is one mechanism of appealing to the LGBT+ community.


What do we need you to do?
We are asking everyone to complete this anonymous survey 'How do you feel about LGBTQ+ equality in DCHS?’ and is worth 10% of our Stonewall Workplace Equality Index submission. Responses will help us understand if our workplace practices are allowing staff to be themselves, releasing their full potential and which areas we need to improve on. We need as many responses we can get, from those who identify as lgbt+ and those who do not, those who are strong allies and those who haven’t given it much thought – we need your help to paint the rainbow for the lgbt+ inclusion!