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Happiness in the Workplace Week - 20 September

Week beginning Monday 20 September is International Happiness in The Workplace Week. We are experiencing great amounts of pressure on our services at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find joy and happiness when we are at work. The staff wellbeing team and Wellbeing Champions Network have come up with some ideas you might like to try in your teams during the week.

  • Find out what makes your colleagues laugh -  you could ask colleagues to share this in a team meeting as part of an ice breaker or ask them to write it on a post it note and put it on the noticeboard. You could do this virtually by asking colleagues to email you and then you could put this together to share with the whole team. Think about how you might make room for more laughter in your team.
  • Encourage your team to download their free Costa Coffee voucher here and arrange to have it with another team member – perhaps have a walk or even share it virtually!
  • Ask your team to share what their ‘wins’ of the week have been – maybe they got some positive feedback or they managed to drink more water! Whatever it is, celebrate the wins and achievements.
  • Send a ‘shout out’ or ‘thank you’ email to a colleague and ask them to do the same – creating a chain of gratitude!
  • Encourage colleagues to sign up to the 10 days of happiness Free challenge 10 Days of Happiness
  • Download/ share / print off the Action for Happiness Self-care September calendar.
  • Create a Team Happiness Playlist – ask colleagues what their ‘Happy songs’ are 😊
  • Why not try a free online Laughter Yoga Session at 1.30pm on 23 September