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Make use of the DCHS library

A good outcome measure can give you lots of valuable data about your service. How effective is it? What value is it achieving for your patients? How satisfied are patients with the experience? It can also help you assess whether a treatment or therapy is helping individual patients.

How can you find the most appropriate outcome measures for your service?

The library offers lots of resources to help you!

Unsure what’s out there? We have a number of books which include different scales and often compare the value and role of different options. Here’s a sample – covering elderly care, quality of life, mental health, Parkinson’s disease, sleep, and more. These are a good place to get ideas about appropriate scales and tools which you could use.

Check the catalogues at to see what’s available to you!

To make it easier for you, we post books out to your workplace. Just let us know which books you need.

If you want more detail, or can’t find anything suitable in these books, your library also offers a literature searching service. Ask us to find literature on the reliability and validity of the scale you’re interested in, or to find out what scales are relevant to your patients! We search specialist databases and the internet on your behalf, so you can save time and be sure you’re using the most reliable information.

Always remember – some of the authors of these scales charge a fee to use them. You will need to ensure your service complies with the appropriate regulations and pays any relevant fees. Whilst we can offer basic assistance with finding the copyright owner, we are unable to assist with negotiations or payments.

For more information about how we can help you, contact your nearest library: