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Intersex Awareness Day, 26 October 2021

Intersex people and those with variations of sex characteristics (VSC) are born with a combination of sex characteristics (chromosomal, gonadal and/or anatomical) that do not fit the typical definitions of male or female.  Intersex is controversially referred to by the term ‘DSD’ (Disorders or Differences of Sex Development) in medical settings.   


This workshop is suitable for people working in frontline healthcare settings (e.g., nurses, midwives, GPs, health visitors, therapists, community mental health workers), social workers, other professionals such as the police, youth workers, community workers, care workers, equality and diversity officers, people working in the charitable sector, activists and advocates with an interest in social justice issues, and policy makers working in these areas. The session will provide a quick overview of the issues, and a short briefing about the large research programme we are running; and two workshops, one on healthcare issues and one on issues relating to social work and equality and diversity. This particular workshop is focused on the English situation. 


More details about the workshop and booking details are available here.