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Reciprocal Mentoring for Inclusion @DCHS

In 2019, DCHS successfully piloted the Mentoring for Inclusion programme. Following delay, largely due to the pandemic response, the programme is being restarted with the next cohort scheduled to be formally launched on Wednesday 8 December, 12.30pm to 5.00pm. We want to give colleagues an opportunity to participate. 


The programme is a key component of organisational efforts to foster inclusion at all levels and ultimately engender a sense of belonging for all - our patients, workforce, the local population we serve and beyond. The programme is designed to create changes in perspectives and understanding by offering opportunities for colleagues from under-represented, protected and broader equality groups such as armed forces community, BAME, disability LGBT+, etc. In order to forge alliances with leaders and managers where knowledge and understanding of their lived experiences is shared to heighten awareness at senior level that directly contributes towards creating a more equitable and inclusive organisation where the inequality issues highlighted are positively and proactively addressed. On the same token, there are opportunities for colleagues in under-represented, protected and broader equality groups to also learn and appreciate the lived experiences, challenges and objectives of those in senior roles to enhance appreciation of wider organisational purpose and the part everyone can play.


You can participate even if you were part of the pilot cohort, although note the approach has evolved with a shift in focus from reverse to reciprocal mentoring.


Interested? Please get in touch with the equality, diversity and inclusion team via agenda is still being fine-tuned, so exact times will be confirmed as soon as it is finalised. Upon receipt of your expression of interest, a Teams invite will be forwarded to you.