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Adding pronouns to email signature

As an employer, we want people to be confident to be themselves. If a person chooses to tell you their pronouns (in their email signature or when introducing themselves), they are simply letting you know how you can refer to them, without you having to make any assumptions.

What are pronouns (or “gender pronouns”)? Pronouns are used in language all the time when we refer to ourselves or other people. Examples of pronouns you might use to refer to others are:

➢ He/him/his (for someone who might identify as male)

➢ She/her/hers (for someone who might identify as female)

➢ They/them/their (for someone who might not identify as male or female, these pronouns are ‘gender neutral’; they are also used when referring to multiple people).

You might find this link from Inclusive Employers helpful as well in explaining why sharing our pronouns is creating a more inclusive culture.

Here is the guidance on where to add pronouns to an email signature.

where to add pronouns

If you would like any further details about adding pronouns to your email signature please contact: