News and Notices

Windows 10 update - 13 October

DCHS are required to install an upgrade to the current Windows 10 software, which is called Windows 20H2 and this will be processed through an update patch within the next few days.

Phase one - will be for non sim card users and this will need to be actioned when it appears. The initial re-boot may take between half an hour to an hour. Please take the action when convenient and it may be advisable to do this towards the end of the working day. This initial upgrade may be followed by two smaller updates.

There is no requirement to be on VPN for this to take place.

Phase two – this is for sim card users and the process will follow the same as the N365 installation, whereby you will receive an email asking you to take this action and you will need to ensure you have switched from using the sim on the device to wifi or be on the network. The icon will become visible by typing in Portal Manager by the magnifying glass, click open and it is called Windows 10 20H2. Please click on this to install.

As above the re-boot may take between half an hour to one hour followed by two smaller patches and there is no requirement to be on VPN for this to take place.

Any issues please contact