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SBS payroll providers - update

We are sorry to hear that a number of colleagues unfortunately experienced pay errors in their September pay.  This was an exceptional situation caused by our payroll provider SBS who missed the input of several pay files. As far as we are aware the majority of these errors have been corrected and outstanding payments made.

We have met with SBS in order to understand why there has been such a high level of errors and to request action is taken to understand how this took place and to prevent it from re-occurring.

We always advise colleagues to check your pay slips. If you have issues that are not quickly resolved through the normal SBS route then please send details to to make sure we have captured this and can ensure SBS finds a swift resolution.

There are several additional changes to pay that have occurred in this last month, which have added complexity, so for clarity:

  • 2021/2022 Pay Award and Arrears (Back Pay).

This payment has been made in September with arrears backdated to 1 April 2021 where relevant.This could mean that your pension contribution rate has increased and in some cases a move to a higher tax bracket.

  • The correct calculation of pay while on annual leave for regularly worked overtime as a result of the NHS Employers Settlement, following the outcome of the Flowers v East of England Ambulance Trust case. 
  • The ending of Essential User Allowance for some car users.

Despite our notification to SBS that this would end in September, this was not processed. As a result, it will now stop in October. If you were due to start receiving an essential user allowance this was also not processed by SBS but has now been corrected and paid.

We have listened to concerns raised regarding the Essential User Allowance. We are currently working with Partnership colleagues to update our mileage policy and will be ready to consult for implementation by April 2022.

We know that getting your pay right is essential and do not underestimate the impact of not being paid correctly.  Moving forward it is planned that we will be transferring our payroll provision to the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton in April 2022. 

Carol Andrews

Deputy Director of People Services and Organisational Effectiveness