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Let’s break the taboo, let’s talk about the menopause

This week is World Menopause Week and we would like to shine a light on Menopause which affects 50% of the population and is often not spoken about openly and freely.

Are you or do you know people who are experiencing symptoms of the peri menopause and menopause?

Do you want to know more about what the menopause is and how best to support yourself or others?

Here is the presentation by Dr Amanda Smith (Menopause Specialist) talking about the menopause and what it is?

60% of staff surveyed as part of our Hormone & Reproductive Project were significantly negatively affected by the menopause in the workplace, with many feeling poorly equipped to manage symptoms at work. Below is an organisation who support and advocate menopause in the workplace. Henpicked provide information, guidance and support to organisations and employees for their workplace becoming menopause friendly: Menopause and work: why it's so important (

And finally an update on The Hormone and Reproductive Health Project

The hormone and reproductive health project has now sadly come to the end. Here is an infographic of a summary of the project and what we have achieved over the past two years (attached).

However, we don’t want this it to be the end of the work and conversation on hormone and reproductive health such as the menopause and endometriosis in the workplace.

We have a one stop shop where you will find our guidance and stay well plan, resources and presentations on a variety of hormone and reproductive health conditions on our intranet page Hormone and Reproductive Health Conditions ( and we are continuing with our women’s health support group (contact to join in.)

Let’s keep talking about hormone and reproductive health in the workplace. Let’s continue to break the taboo!