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Good new for ordering compression hosiery

Good new on ordering compression hosiery

You said, we did……

The Tissue Viability Team is pleased to announce that all regularly used compression hosiery and wraps are now available to order via NHS supply chain in addition to the leg ulcer hosiery kits currently available.  All the relevant codes have been added to procurement requisition points.

Teams are only to stock a small amount of most used ‘off the shelf’ items to enable treatment and post healing care to be implemented at the earliest opportunity. Teams are to check access to these lists as soon as possible and let Tissue Viability team know if there are any issues.

This doesn’t not preclude access to other items if the most used items are not suitable for an individual contact the Tissue Viability team if this is an issue.

We  have also devised guidance for community nurses and prescribers for the use of topical corticosteroid preparations to treat varicose eczema. This will shortly be available on share point and electronic copies will be forwarded to Champions, ICMs/ICTLs and Wound Clinic Leads.

Please also check out this link for information about the topical corticosteroid pathways: Policies and Procedures - Tissue-Viability Guidelines (