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Farewell Paper Payslips

As from the end of October 2021 the Trust will no longer be issuing paper payslips (October will be the final paper payslip produced).  Payslips will only be available via the My Payslip and P60 portlet in MyESR accessed either through smartcard access to ESR via the network on Trust sites or via the mobile app. You will also access your annual P60 electronically too.  There is the facility to either print-out a copy of your payslip/P60 or save them electronically.

In addition to our aim of becoming more sustainable there are other benefits in electronic payslips.

  • Security – eliminates the risk of payslips being delivered to incorrect addresses, being left uncollected or given to the wrong person
  • Faster – as soon as the payroll is processed employees have access to view their payslip on ESR, enabling quicker resolution of queries
  • Reduced administration – saves admin/managers time taken in sorting and distributing the payslips

To access your November payslip you will now need to log-in to ESR via the Trust network and/or download the ESR app onto a mobile device.  You will need your smartcard to access via the network and your username and password to access via the mobile app.  We understand that some people may be apprehensive at doing this, all employees and managers concerned have been emailed. However, should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact the ESR team or your manager who will be able to talk you through the process.