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Create Your Own Wobble Space


Create your own Wobble Space


We know that it’s important for you to have somewhere you can go to reflect, refresh and have a wobble from time to time. We have put together some resources for you to create your own ‘Wobble Space’ in your place of work.  Follow the steps below to create your Wobble Space;


  1. Find a space, area or room to designate as your Wobble Space (check in with your site lead)
  2. Print off and display the Wobble Space Poster (2) and Support Contacts List (3)
  3. Choose any number of resources to print out from the remaining attachments- posters, breathing exercises or colouring sheets to use in the area.
  4. Promote use of the space to colleagues 😊


You might like to create a basket of supplies, e.g. tissues, colouring pens or hand cream to keep in or near your space (this could be a team effort!)


If you are struggling to find a suitable space or you would like some advice on making a ‘virtual wobble space’ or individual wobble packs then get in touch with the Staff Wellbeing Team at



1. Wobble Space Contents 8. Yoga for Breathing Poster
2. Wobble Space Poster 9. Colouring Sheet 1
3. Support Contacts List 10. Colouring Sheet 2
4. Take A Breath Poster 11. Colouring Sheet 3
5. Breath a Ribbon 12. Otter Check In Poster
6. Thrive Poster 13. Going Home Checklist
7. Switching Off Poster