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Ordering from Medequip? You need to know this...

Medequip is asking us all to consider carefully what we order in the face of continuing logistical issues which are causing a fragile supply chain. Disruption to supplies from China, as well as steel shortages impacting on multiple products, are having an impact on the ready availability of items.

We can support Medequip to maintain its supply chain, and ensure vital products are available to us when we need them, by taking the following action:

  • Please only order equipment that is really required.
  • Please think about and review equipment continually in the property for patients we are seeing and arrange collection for any unused or unneeded equipment.
  • Please really consider the delivery speed. The number of emergency orders is increasing – for example can we order in advance for next day delivery where the need can be anticipated (planning discharge, for example) rather than waiting and doing emergency orders on the day.

All of these factors really impact on Medequip’s ability to be able to respond when we need them to and if we can support by taking the above measures it will help the situation.