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Winter Vigilance

As the nights draw in, and we turn our attention to the festive season, Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) is calling on businesses and the public to play their part in mitigating the threat from terrorism.


The recent attack outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital and the attack which tragically took the life of Sir David Amess MP sadly reminds us that the threat from terrorism is real and has not gone away. It’s important to stress that Counter Terrorism officers across the UK, alongside the security services and other partners, work night and day to bear down on the threat from terrorism - but we all have a role to play in our collective security.


So what can you do to better protect your NHS, patients and staff from this terrorist threat?

A simple list of actions you can take to ensure your staff are playing their part, and which could save lives includes:


 Be security-minded when out and about as you can have crucial eyes and ears in support our 24/7 policing efforts. For example

·       looking for people: with an unusual appearance/attire or belongings also workers on site when you aren’t expecting them.

·       People loitering near staff-only areas or outside normal public zones.

·       attempting to photograph or film security areas or taking measurements/notes of their surroundings.

·       acting in a furtive or secretive manner (avoiding security personnel, CCTV, eye contact or interaction with others), engaging with staff to ask probing or inappropriate questions (e.g. about security measures and staff routines).

 Ensure your staff and volunteers are trained by signing them up to ACT e-learning. It is free and takes around an hour. Staff could benefit from See, Check and Notify training covering hostile reconnaissance, vigilance, the power of hello, and reporting suspicious activity.

The UK National Threat Level has recently changed at ‘SEVERE’, which means that an attack is highly likely. We know an attack can happen anytime, anywhere.


Every day information given to the police by the public helps our investigations, and any piece of information could be a key piece of the jigsaw. This winter, it’s important that people know they won’t be wasting our time if they report suspicious behaviour to staff or the police. As the UK embraces winter and the festive season, help us make it known that sharing concerns won’t ruin lives, but it might save them. Encourage your staff and customers to trust their instincts and ACT.”


We are encouraging everyone to:

 Stay alert and report anything suspicious you see or hear to security staff or the police.

 Trust your instincts and ACT. You won’t be wasting our time.

 Visit ACT ( to report online, in confidence, and learn more about the signs to spot.


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