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Systems Leadership – Midlands Leadership Academy


As a response to the newly formed ICS’s these master classes are themed around the North West NHS Leadership Academy’s systems leadership model of principles and behaviours.  They will introduce participants to systems theory and explore the move to systems thinking and working within the NHS. This series comprises of four virtual master classes on systems leadership (with accompanying podcasts). 


Although the master classes build upon a story, they are designed to be independent of one another, therefore you can choose to attend all four sessions or just those that are most relevant to you.  


This series is aimed at those in senior management roles who are looking to advance their leadership capability in and across health and care systems and communities. 


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Workshop One: Being (12th January 2022 9.30am until 1pm) 

Workshop Two: Relating and Communicating (26th January 2022 9.30am until 1pm)  

Workshop Three: Leading and Visioning (9th February 2022 9.30am until 1pm) 

Workshop Four:  Delivering - Innovation across the Systems (23rd February 2022  9.30am until 1pm)


NHS Elect webinars available


12th January, 9.30am (one hour)

Compassionate Conversations

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13th January, 9.30am (one hour) NEW

Planning your career

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Please note if the session is being run on Zoom, you will need to turn off your VPN to access.