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Slips, trips, and falls

Slips, trips, and falls - out in the community & around DCHS sites


  • Over the last five years slips/trips/falls have occurred mainly in Oct/Jan/Feb/March/May                                   
  • Most are due to adverse weather/uneven surfaces/wet surfaces                                                                  
  • Biggest human contributory factor was ‘lack of awareness’.

Causes of slips, trips and falls include:

  • Carrying equipment
  • Slipping on ice/snow on road/pavement
  • Slipping on wet floor
  • Uneven driveway/ground
  • Falling down steps leading from patient’s home

Top winter tips

  1. Take note of the weather before going out.
  2. Always wear appropriate and suitable clothing and footwear for the weather conditions. 
  3. Use footwear such as walking boots with deep treads (clean soles regularly to ensure good grip).
  4. Think about wearing snow grips if ice is around (these are ideal for slipping into your handbag or car glovebox for weather emergencies).
  5. Why not give Nordic Poles a go for extra stability (telescopic compact poles can fit in a shopping bag or backpack).
  6. Be aware of your surroundings (before stepping out of your door/car check the ground for ice).
  7. Carry a torch during the winter or use your phone torch.
  8. Take your lead from the penguin - on slippery, compact snow and ice, take short, careful, flat-footed little steps, spreading your body weight as evenly as possible across the entire surface of your feet.
  9. In fresh snow, try to walk in someone else’s footsteps. Not only will you use up less energy, but their shoes will have left a tread mark which will be easier for your feet to grip.
  10. On deeper snow, always walk heel to toe. Applying your heel first will create a hole, which helps prevent your foot slipping forward.


Know your snow


Doctors see far more admissions to accident and emergency wards in the days and weeks following a ­snowfall than on the day itself.

When the snow begins to thaw, then ices over at night - this is when the real problems begin! 


Around DCHS sites



  1. Ensure you report any uneven walkways or potholes in car parks to Estates immediately.


  1. Report any lighting issues along walkways/car parks/stairways to Estates promptly. 


  1. Clean up any spillages within buildings yourself! It is your responsibility. 


  1. Don’t be tempted to take short cuts by not using walkways or designated, cleared pathways.  


  1. Concentrate on where you are going and don’t be distracted by using your mobile phone or talking to others. 


  1. When carrying items, remember not to restrict your view particularly up and down stairways (you need to be able to hold onto the handrail). 


  1. Never be in a rush, it just isn’t worth it! 


  1. Have plenty of paper towel rolls to mop up any wet areas around sites.


  1. Ensure wet floor signs are put out appropriately and removed when the floor is dry.


  1. Think about your health – are you on any medication or feeling under the weather that could cause you to be unsteady?


  1. Ensure there are no trailing cables or bags/equipment left inappropriately around for people to trip over.