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Give a little to yourself so that you can give to others

At this time of year it can be a challenge to do some of the activities we know help our wellbeing. Sometimes we don’t realise we haven’t been doing them until we wonder why we don’t feel so good. If you need help checking in with how you are, or a reminder of the things that improve and enhance our wellbeing, pop along to one of the informal sessions with Debbie and Pippa from the Staff Wellbeing Team.  

  • 16th December 15:00-16:00 – A gift to ourselves, winter wellbeing conversation.
  • 17th December 13:00-14:00 - A gift to ourselves, winter wellbeing conversation.
  • 29th December 12:00-13:00 – Winter wellbeing check-in.


Contact to join any of the above activities.



We start the 12 days of #WinterWellbeingWalk on Friday 10 December, but you can join in at any point. Simply walk each day for 12 days and notice something different along the way!

Take a snap each day and share on the closed Facebook Group or tag us on Twitter @NHSOEteam using #winterwellbeingwalk to create a wonderful collection of mindful moments.

We will even choose a winning picture at the end of the challenge!  A reminder of the 12 daily tasks below;




Day 1

Find something that brings you joy


Day 2

Find something unusual


Day 3

Take notice of the weather


Day 4

Take a few moments to look up at the sky


Day 5

Find something red


Day 6

Seek out something that smells pleasant


Day 7

Find something you can hear


Day 8

Find some footprints


Day 9

Seek out a beautiful web


Day 10

Seek out and find something bigger than you


Day 11

Look for something round


Day 12

Find something that makes you feel grateful