News and Notices

Message from Jeni Townsend to all ICS staff

Due to continued pressures all your teams are under, with effect from 4 January, the Tissue Viability (TV) team are implementing the following to try and alleviate some of the pressures from teams and ICS managers:


  1. The TV team will complete the routine NPWT visits but not be able to cover the call outs these would have to be completed by Rapid response-if unable to re dress with NPWT, conventional dressings will be used and TV team will attend the following Team working day to re-instigate NPWT if appropriate to do so.
  2. Continue Tissue Viability triage to all teams
  3. TV team will complete all managers investigations of Pressure Ulcer and wound Datix reported as significant harm and category 4 (we will review capacity and consideration might be able to be given to Category 3’s as well). This will include completion of Tabular timelines where appropriate to do so.
  4. Continue to provide FiC, PUP, Podiatry and B3 & 4 Compression update training (to enable new, Pod and 3 & 4s to upskill to support in the clinical environment)
  5. TV team will suspend Leg Ulcer update (staff will still need to attend at a later date), non-essential training and visits
  6. Suspend MASD training
  7. Suspend NPWT training
  8. TV team will suspend weekly support currently provided to Community Nurse teams and Wound Clinic Service, however, advise can still be sought via the standard Triage process.


If you have any queries please let me know: