News and Notices

Datix training drop-in sessions

The Patient Safety Team will be available to provide training, advice and support during this session.

Please call in if you have any queries or questions relating to Datix, incident reporting or Risk Management.

For further information Contact the Patient Safety Team: 01246 515984.

Bolsover Hospital

Sherwood Ward Day Unit

16th Sept 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

New Mills Health Centre  Health Education Room

23rd Sept 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

Buxton Hospital - Meeting Room

29th Sept 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

Cavendish Hospital Buxton – Bottom meeting room

5th Oct 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

Swadlincote Health Centre -  Meeting Room

10th Oct 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

Babington Hospital - Arkwright Room

14th Oct 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

Long Eaton Health Centre – Meeting Room

18th Oct 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

Newholme Hospital – Meeting Room

20th Oct 2016

9.30am -3.30pm

Ilkeston Hospital – Small meeting room

3rd Nov 2016

9.30am -3.30pm