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New telephone system contract signing

We have recently been working with Vodafone to finalise the details of a contract to roll out a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone system across all our sites.

We currently have numerous current telephone systems across our sites that are:

  • not connected
  • expensive to operate
  • in great need of replacement on some sites due to frequent failures
  • suffering technical problems on other sites.

This project will integrate all sites and services, including our Trust mobile phones, under a single telephone system.

A VOIP telephone system uses the same network that your computer and laptops connect to. The technology is more advanced and provides significantly more functions and opportunities for improving the use of telephones, answering services, central call handling and helpdesk functions.

As a single system, if you move offices or sites, your telephone number could now move with you in the future. Also if you have a mobile phone and a landline, they can be linked so you only need to give out a single number to be contactable on both devices.

The rollout process will happen over the next 9 to 12 months bringing our mobiles and landlines together into a single phone system covering all our sites.

There will be:

  • large cost savings
  • better connectivity
  • easier call handling
  • more options for improving the end users experience when calling our sites and services
  • further opportunities for future development.

After the initial planning phase, rollout of the new system on our sites is likely to start around April next year with completion of all sites by August. VOIP will be rolled out in stages and, once complete, it should significantly enhance and improve the communications capability at all of our sites.