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Nurse revalidation and re-registration

As a nurse in order to retain your registration with the NMC and stay on their register you need to pay your fee every year. Every three years you also need to renew your registration by revalidating. The NMC will contact you 60 days in advance of your fee expiry date or revalidation application date, depending on which applies that year. It is therefore important you tell them about any changes to your contact details.

If you don’t submit your fee before your expiry date, or your revalidation application before your revalidation application date, your registration will automatically lapse and you will be unable to practise. Should you allow your registration to lapse, the only way to regain registration would be by applying for re-admission and that process can take two to six weeks, depending on your circumstances. You would be unable to practise during that period. As a nurse it is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are on the NMC Register and able to practice.


If you are a nurse and due to re-register, please make sure that however you pay you are organised and get your payment in by the required date. So far this year we have had six nurses who have failed to do this and who have been suspended without pay as per the DCHS policy. All the information you require can be found on the NMC website here.


Nurses have now been revalidating since 1 April 2016 and for most of those due to do so across DCHS there have been no problems.  A very small number of nurses have failed to complete their application on time and have had to be suspended without pay as per the policy above.  If you need help or support with revalidation please contact Jo Hunter (Deputy Chief Nurse) on 07970670726 or or Michelle O'Connor (Senior Matron Clinical and Professional Standards) on 07887530317 or michelle.o'