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Health Needs Assessment

Over the summer we asked colleagues at Derbyshire County Council public health department to conduct a Health Needs Assessment at DCHS. This involved a review of the support we offer our staff to promote their health and wellbeing and a detailed staff survey covering a range of questions around the topic. This survey received 920 completions and we now have the first phase of the results. These have given us an excellent insight into where we are doing well as an organisation and where we need to improve and we want to share the initial stages of this with you today.

The results of the survey have shown some positive areas for us and reflect recent work to support our staff, figures such as 86% of staff feeling that accessing DCHS staff support services would help them with any issues, are encouraging. However, we have identified a few areas from the survey results where there is work to do and we need to focus more attention and resources to support our staff.

These include:

  • Financial wellbeing: A significant number of staff reported struggling to make ends meet at the end of each month. This isn’t a situation we want to see so we are currently compiling a range of financial support offerings from credit unions to loan consolidation and a wide range of discount schemes.

  • Caring for carers: Nearly half of respondents reported caring responsibilities that affected their physical or mental health. Looking at the demographics of our workforce it is likely that the amount of staff with caring responsibilities is only going to increase so we need to make sure the right support is available. The first stage of this is creating an online portal, in collaboration with DCC, which will signpost to all the relevant information and support services, along with guides and top tips.

  • Domestic Violence: Around 3% of survey respondents identified that they are affected by domestic violence. In real terms this is 24 staff members out of the people who responded. When you scale this figure across the organisation it is particularly worrying and is certainly an area where we need to work to support those affected. We are starting this by launching a new domestic violence guide which makes clear how we can support you at DCHS if you are affected and how managers can support team members that are affected. If this is an area where you are suffering then please speak out and seek support.

  • Physical activity: Only 41% of staff felt that we provided opportunities to increase their physical activity levels at work. We are looking to change this by increasing usage of active travel options, offering discounts for local gyms and leisure centres and exploring workplace challenges that we can all get involved in.

As we continue to analyse the survey we will find more areas where we have work to do and we are committed to sharing this with you to get your thoughts and opinions. If you’d like to give us any feedback about any aspect of our staff wellbeing offering then we’d love to hear from you. Please email