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My DCHS latest updates - Photos and more!

Dear all,

Thank you for the continued feedback regarding this My DCHS. We've made a few changes based on this feedback as per below:

  1. Staff photos - resolved issue regarding 'permissions' to upload a staff photo. Everyone can now upload a new picture without issue. If you'd like to remove your picture entirely, you can always upoad a blank page in its place
  2. Drop down menu access - we've narrowed-down the menu by removing 'Development' and moving the WPD and Leadership Development so that you should now be able to access the drop-down on Guidance etc. more easily!
  3. Team section - we've also added a new menu item called 'Teams'. This will provide access to the most commonly used team pages that tend to be very heavy on content and features.
  4. Footer links - we'll be updating the footer with even more links to help staff get access to systems including Oracle and PDGs.

Please continue to let us know how you get on either via e-mail ( or via the forum thread here.

Kind regards,

Communications and Engagement Team