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We've updated the My DCHS search!

Hi everyone!

We've just updated the main My DCHS search feature (accessed via the magnifying glass icon in the top right!) to include the following:

  1. People (Staff)
  2. Pages
  3. News articles (Blogs)

You can see this in action below.

Now, the most common feedback we're currently recieving is that it's still difficult to find a particular document/policy without spending time trawling through various pages. Of course, not everyone has the time to spend manually searching this way, so we're looking to release the latest version of the search, which will look through every single document, policy, procedure etc. that's been uploaded. This change will be implemented in the coming days, with a further update sent to staff.

If you ever want to provide us with further feedback on how we can improve your experience on My DCHS, then please send us an e-mail to, or visit the forum thread when you can leave us a comment - we always respond ASAP!