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Time to Talk Day

How are you feeling today? ‘Fine’? How are you really feeling??

In our busy and pressurised lives we rarely get a chance to take a step back and discuss how we’re feeling. Instead we bottle things up and keep them to ourselves, in the hope that they’ll eventually disappear. We don’t get time to share and besides, no-one would understand anyway…

At DCHS we want to change this, we want to create a culture where we can all freely talk about our emotional wellbeing, mental health challenges aren’t stigmatised and we have chance to check in and support our colleagues when they need it. This is why we’ve signed the Time to Change employers pledge and are proudly supporting Time to Talk Day this Thursday 2 February.

We’re now looking to you to get involved. We’ve sent teabags and conversation starters to all our teams and are asking you to find 10 minutes this Thursday to have a cup of tea with a colleague and discuss all things emotional wellbeing. If you haven’t seen the packs yet you can download the conversation starters here along with an explanatory email from our Staff Wellbeing Lead. You can also get involved with the day on Twitter using #TimetoTalkDay and tagging us at @DCHSStaffHealth. For more information on the day check out this animation.

Remember conversations change lives – whatever the hour, every conversation, every text, every share means we are having a positive impact. It’s time to change, it’s time to talk!

To help promote the day at your sites we have attached this poster and you can access many more materials, along with further information about the day, on the Time to Change website.