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Keeping our recruitment on Trac

The Staffing Solutions Team have begun working on the development of the new recruitment system called TRAC.   We are working towards an implementation of date of 27/28 March 2017.  Guidance will be provided to managers on how to use the system as part of the implementation. 

The system will include the following key benefits:

  • The vacancy approval process is automated, reducing the length of time it takes seeking finance, AD and exec approval via email. This should reduce the time taken to approve posts, reduce the risk of paperwork being misplaced and managers can view whereabouts their vacancy is with their recruitment campaigns.
  • Enables managers to quickly re-advertise previous adverts rather than having to provide another advert
  • A reduction in the time spent on shortlisting applications, this is much easier in TRAC as opposed to NHS Jobs
  • Interviews are set up and organised via the system with a minimum of administrative input
  • Reduction in the number of queries that managers have as they will have greater visibility around their individual recruitment campaigns
  • Automates time consuming processes and reduces workload.
  • Simplifies the pre-employment checks by having all checks and documents stored in one place. Helping to speed up the checks and get new staff into their role faster thanks to automatic prompts sent out whenever an action is needed.
  • The system is extremely user friendly and guides managers and the recruitment team through actions that need to be taken at the right time. This is something that NHS Jobs cannot do.

If you have any queries regarding the development of the system, please contact Sara Boulton via