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ORION - keeping track of our resources using ESR property register

Currently there are over 5000 laptops and Toughbooks, and more than 2500 mobile phones issued to the DCHS staff community. At any one point there are over 500 mobile devices lying dormant across DCHS …. Now, there may be very good reasons for this eg – maternity leave, long term sickness, or devices not working properly, but equally many will be sitting in cupboards or tucked away in drawers, no longer in use but costing the Trust in licenses or ongoing contract charges.

In a cash strapped NHS this is not acceptable. From 1 April 2017 we are launching a new initiative – Orion.  Orion is the hunter in Greek mythology and good at tracking! We have spent the first few weeks of 2017 hunting down dormant devices and encouraging individuals and teams to part with them or start using them properly. Starting in April there will be a new focus on the ongoing tracking of property, in particular mobile devices (laptop/Toughbook/tablet/i-Pad/mobile phone). All mobile devices will be recorded on ESR Property Register against employee names.

People managers will be responsible for verifying annually that the property is still in use by individual staff, probably as part of the appraisal process.  All staff will be responsible for the safe care and appropriate use of the mobile devices; reporting lost/stolen/damaged or no longer required devices to managers.

When staff leave a role they will also be responsible for returning the assets to their manager at exit interview, unless they are moving role within the Trust and the mobile devices are required for the next role.  In this case staff will take the equipment to their new role and the assets will stay logged against their name on the ESR Property Register. As part of Orion we will be working with Arden GEM to tighten and speed up the issue and collection process for mobile equipment.

For further information please contact Yan Kang by emailing