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Time to talk day - an update

Thank you to everyone that joined in last Thursday to take time to have a cup of tea with a colleague and talk about mental health. We had a great reaction to our conversation starters and free teabags and it was great to see so many teams joining in. Staff reported feeling energised and de-stressed by the day, they learnt new things about their colleagues and felt reassured that we are all facing similar pressures.

The challenge now is how we keep the conversations going, how we can make conversations about emotional wellbeing part of the day to day. We asked this very question on twitter and got some great ideas. How about setting up a team whatsapp group? Having a lunch club with a few colleagues? Organising a monthly ‘time for tea’ meeting? Scheduling regular meetings for 25/50mins to allow breathing space around them?

It would be great to hear any other suggestions you have, please get in touch via or @DCHSStaffHealth on Twitter.

We recommend that you check out the Schwartz rounds that are going round the organisation. The next dates are 8th March in Ashbourne and 28th April in South Normanton. These events offer the opportunity to share the emotional and social impact of working in healthcare and offer a great opportunity to keep the conversations flowing, you can find more information out on the My DCHS pages:

You may also be interested in Stress Management and Building Resilience training. New dates are up on ESR or you contact the wellbeing inbox above if you’d like to book a team session.

However you go about it remember that conversations can change lives. Talking about how we’re feeling isn’t just for awareness days, we all have a responsibility to look out for each other and a simple text or a cup of tea can make all the difference to someone struggling. Let’s keep talking!