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Charitable Funds case study

I first heard about Charitable Funds when I spoke to my manager about equipment we thought the ward would benefit from that would support the patients and staff in their jobs. 

The chairs were identified as being required by therapists for a number of reasons: 

  • For use with patients to assess functional ability where the patient identifies they have a similar style of chair within their own home environment. This will better replicate the home environment, reassuring patients and boosting their confidence, in addition to improving the standard of our assessments. 
  • Facilitate supervised independence with transfers for patients unable to manage conventional transfers from a standard hospital chair. 
  • Improve transfers, reduce the need for unnecessary manual handling which increases safety for the patient and staff equally. The use of the riser function on the rise recliner chair will also reduce the associated risks of poor technique of sit to stand. 
  • Empowering the patient in the rehabilitation process. 
  • To aid the patients comfort by providing correct postural support, pressure relief and allowing them to engage with the immediate environment and socialise with other patients. 
  • To assess as part of the discharge planning process whether patients are eligible for the provision of a riser recliner chair funded by health and social care for continued use at home where there are no other suitable chairs already at home. Our aim is to maintain patient's functional independence at home. 
  • To enhance the quality and dignity of patient experience during the in-patient stay, reinforcing the reputation we have in our local community as an excellent service provider. 

I would definitely recommend the Charitable Funds process to any staff members. I would advise staff to liaise with their manager and discuss if Charitable Funds is an option they could consider. It has supported my team with equipment that is beneficial to the patients and will support patients/staff on the ward with safe transfers, moving and handling. 

As a member of staff you can apply for charitable funds, for further information visit My DCHS or contact Dave Russell, patients monies and charitable funds manager on