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Unsure what happens at a Let's Fix IT Clinic? Want to know more?


What happens at a Let’s Fix IT clinic?


1. You don’t need to make an appointment, just come to the Fix IT room. Bring your laptop, phone or Toughbook if you have a problem with them.  DON’T carry in a computer or printer!   If your problem is one of them, come and tell us and we’ll move to the machine!


 2.  Problem ‘triage’. When you come in to the room, someone will ask you what your problem is, and try and find the best person to Fix IT.  We have experts in hardware, systems, phones, e-learning etc.  If you have more than one problem, don’t worry; let’s start with the first one!  Use your own words to describe the problem or just show us.  If you’ve reported it and it’s been fixed before but keeps going wrong, make sure you let us know.
3.  Problem ‘show and tell’. Show the expert what the problem is or ask them to come to your machine with you.  If it’s busy you might have to wait or be offered a chance to be called when it’s a bit quieter.  It’s often quieter after 11am.
4. Problem solved! Hopefully we’ll be able to sort the problem right there and then, but sometimes we need to do something that takes a bit longer so we might ask you to leave your equipment with us – don’t worry if you can’t.  Or we might have to contact other people and ask them to help – like the NHS Mail team – or even arrange for some training.  Before you leave, we hope you will be Fixed, but if not you should have a clear idea of what is going to happen next to sort your problem out.


 All staff are welcome!  Here's where and when.



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