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Schwartz Round – Ashbourne Leisure Centre 8th March 2017

We are excited to say that the next Schwartz round is fast approaching. This time the round will be at Ashbourne Leisure Centre on Wednesday 8th March and will run from 1-2:30pm.


Schwartz rounds are an opportunity for staff to share the emotional and social impacts of working in healthcare. They aren’t about problem solving or supervision, rather about sharing experiences and feelings. They are for all staff groups and there is no pressure to join in discussions - staff are welcome to attend and listen if they prefer. Attendees report feeling less stressed, greater connection with colleagues and less barriers between staff groups after attending. If you don’t believe us here is what our Chief Exec, Tracy Allen had to say about her Schwartz experience:


“I found the whole session humbling and inspiring. We were taking time out to share our stories about ‘when my best isn’t good enough’ – very pertinent given the pressure everyone is under. Stopping for an hour,  reflecting on the emotions involved in all our interactions with each other and our patients – human being to human being – helped me recharge after a difficult few days. The rounds are moving around the county and I would really recommend getting along to one to see what you might get out of it..”


If you have any questions about the rounds please email or visit the Schwartz Round webpages on My DCHS.