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Don't panic! Our smartcard software has a new look & we are launching new smartcard & ID badge drop-in sessions

Our smartcard software has a new look!

Arden GEM CSU are installing this new software (NHS Digital Identity Agent v1) on our PCs, laptops and Toughbooks from this week.  This is the software that you see after inserting your smartcard into your device. The software will automatically be installed when you log in to your PC, laptop or Toughbook. Whilst the software is being installed you will be presented with the following screenshot:

After the software has been updated continue to use your device as normal.  The new Identity Agent software displays a number of different icons and windows - see Updated Version below.


Current Version

Updated Version

System Tray Icon

Login box

Role selection

Connecting to the spine

All functionality will remain the same and you will be able to use TPP SystmOne, ESR etc. as normal.

Please note – some staff may already have this installed on their machines so will not be affected.

If you experience any problems after this update please contact the IT helpdesk on 0300 123 1020

Smartcard and ID badge drop-in sessions

Does your smartcard or ID badge need updating? Do you have any other queries about smartcards?
Go and find Ian or Beckie at the next Smartcard and ID Badge drop-in session and get your replacement card or queries answered.
Cards replaced whilst you wait.

Upcoming drop-in sessions

Wednesday 1 March 2017 - Swadlincote Health Centre; Meeting Room  10am-2.30pm

Ian or Beckie
Registration Authority
Informatics Team
Derbyshire Community Health Services
07917 464010  or 07789 481151