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Outstanding Way - first steps

You said ..... the SystmOne initial contact form is frustrating!  It takes too long to complete and doesn't always seem appropriate to the patient you’re seeing.

We have done ...
Under the umbrella of the Outstanding Way initiative we have taken the first steps towards tackling this issue.  We have listened to what frontline staff have been saying and have been working with a group 
of front line staff and representatives across the organisation, facilitated by an external consultant, to simplify and standardise the initial contact form. 

We will be testing the changes with two pilot teams from May, reflecting on their feedback and then rolling out updates later this year.

What is the Outstanding Way?
‘Outstanding’ is how we want everyone at DCHS to feel about the work we do and the care our patients and service users experience.  This is a firm commitment from the organisation to clinical staff; a promise to listen and respond to frustrations, look at ways to overcome barriers, deal with challenges and enable staff to do what they are trained and want to do – namely, spending time with and caring for our patients.

Over the coming months there will be many opportunities to tell us what is working well and what we still need to review and improve.  As this will affect a lot of people, and our patient community, it’s important that as many of you as possible talk to us.  So many of you have told us you are eager to make things better and would relish this opportunity to shape positive improvements and reduce the frustration . Please look out for information about the Outstanding Way on MyDCHS, in the weekly e-mail and on social media, or listen out for opportunities that will be flagged at team meetings.

It is a county-wide initiative, starting in our community based teams, and will be led and supported by the following staff: Melissa Deighton – Programme Lead; Julie Wheeldon, Brenda Page and Jane Warder – Operational Leads and Jim Austin – Exec Sponsor


Please contact Melissa Deighton – E: - for further information about the Outstanding Way initiative.