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New ESR Property Register process LIVE 1 April

Currently there are over 5000 laptops/Toughbooks and more than 2500 mobile phones issued to our staff community; that’s nearly two mobile devices for every member of staff at DCHS!

From 1 April 2017 there is a new procedure for registering IT equipment and mobile phones under employee names on the ESR Property Register and this will help us to keep track of this equipment.

People managers will be responsible for identifying which assets (in particular mobile devices) have been issued to their staff and recording this accurately on the ESR Property Register.  They will need to verify annually that the property is still in use. 

All staff will be responsible for the safe care and appropriate use of the mobile devices; reporting lost/stolen/damaged or no longer required devices to managers.

When staff leave a role they will also be responsible for returning the assets to their manager, unless they are moving role within the Trust and the mobile devices are required for the next role.  In this case the assets will stay logged under their name on ESR.


Remember from 1 April 2017
1. All mobile devices must be registered on ESR under the employee name/number.
2. Once equipment is issued to a member of staff it stays with the member of staff as long as it is required in the job role, including if the staff member transfers role within DCHS

3. Laptops/Toughbooks that are not in regular use (eg for two months or more) should be returned to GEM to ensure they meet IT security requirements.

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