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Pinpoint the pressure for physiotherapists

All CSP members and Physiotherapists working within DCHS Trust should have received an e-mail making them aware of the CSP’s recently launched workplace campaign ‘Pinpoint the Pressure’ which nationally is looking to identify and resolve issues reported by CSP members such as increased pressure to undertake excessive workloads and to regularly work beyond their hours - and asking them to complete a short survey to identify whether stress and overwork are a problem we need to address within this organisation

Please can all leaders encourage Physio’s and Support Workers who are CSP members within their teams to complete the survey – the link is in the e-mail they have received directly

It  takes only a few minutes to complete the survey – and help us identify whether workplace stress and workload pressure are an issue here within DCHS

The CSP knows that increased workloads left unchecked can be harmful for us and patients. The important first stage to get back control of workloads is to pinpoint the central pressure you are experiencing.

The survey is completely confidential and will be open for responses until Monday 17th April. All information is anonymous but can be used to assist DCHS’s CSP Stewards and Health and Safety Reps in developing a plan with leaders to resolve any problems identified

If any CSP Members or Physiotherapists have not received an e-mail, please contact your CSP Steward for details

Nicky Owen

Helen Edghill

Andy Dickenson