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Can we Fix IT? Yes, we can!

Thirteen clinics, nearly 400 staff and over 450 IT problems ‘fixed’ since launching in October; we think it would be fair to say the Let’s Fix IT clinics have been a great success.  The most recent Pulse Check results have also shown a significant improvement in IT Connectivity, with 30% reporting they always/often experience connectivity issues [drop from 34% in Q2], and 33% saying they rarely/never exepreince connectivity issues [increase from 30% in Q2].


So, despite more staff than ever before having new mobile devices like Toughbooks and laptops, and staff bravely dusting down equipment they haven’t used for a while, you’ve reported to us that overall connectivity is improving. 


Well done to everyone who is taking the steps towards being more mobile and using technology to avoid duplication where possible.  We’ll be doing more FixIT clinics in the near future but in the meantime, if you want help or advice, your starting point is the helpdesk and they can point you in the right direction for systems support or help with hardware issues.


Problems with smartphones should be referred to Procurement.