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We give a warm welcome to one of DCHS’ latest recruits and take time out with the new boy Nick Southorn.

Hello Nick and welcome to DCHS, what role have you joined us in?

Hello, thank you. I’ve joined as an advanced clinical practitioner (ACP) for the Integrated Community Team (South Derbyshire) and within a local GP surgery. I’m a physio by primary training, but the ACP role is perfect for me to broaden my skills beyond physiotherapy.

How is it going?

Really well. The team are incredibly supportive and welcoming. I’ve been out and about quite  a bit working with GPs, nursing homes and at university - so there’s always something for me to get stuck into. The most common question I get is: “So what does an ACP actually do?”. I’m yet to come up with a convincing short answer.

And what made you want to join DCHS?

I think that on talking to some of the senior staff before I joined, it became apparent that DCHS has some innovative thinkers who aren’t afraid to test an idea. Having the courage to think differently in healthcare is how we can evolve into a much better service that suits the needs of the people. I hate to see services that are stranded in the past, chained to tradition and convention.

What is your biggest observation on life at DCHS?

That the senior staff really can make time for you. I’m glad to see that the Trust Board and general managers don’t just play lip service to keeping an ear to the ground, they actually come and see you in your own environment, on home turf. That makes it so much more about you the individual, not about anybody’s status.

How do you keep yourself busy outside of work?

Having two children, my life largely revolves around them. However, I’m also a charity fundraiser who runs mid to long distance races. This year I’m running five marathons, two half-marathons and a 33-mile tough mudder obstacle course in order to raise money for Treetops Hospice Care and Macmillan Cancer Care. My first race is the Virgin Money London Marathon and my final race (if I survive the year!) is the Leicester Marathon in October. It’s tough finding the time and energy to participate, but it’s great fitness and for fantastic causes!

If you were to go out for a meal with friends, where would you go?

Depends on who was paying! I’m a fairly basic person; however enjoying the company is more important than the  location.

What is your favourite film?

That depends on my mood... and is largely limited by the fact that I have two kids. So I’m going with - Despicable Me (!).

Finally Nick, if you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you want with you?

A wind-up radio, sunscreen and cake! Cake! Cake!