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Translation and interpretation service update

As of 1 May 2017, Capita TI will now be undertaking all of our translation and interpreting services, including face-to-face interpreting, telephone interpreting, British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting and translation requests. Please do not contact Communication Unlimited directly for BSL appointments. All BSL appointments should be booked through the Capita TI portal, selecting BSL as the language required.

Capita TI were appointed on 27 March 2017 to undertake our translation and interpreting service. In order to get the contract up and running as soon as possible, Capita TI are working to fulfil appointments to the best of their ability. For that reason we have no formal KPIs for fulfilment for the first couple of months, as we anticipate that Capita TI will not be able to fulfil every appointment that’s booked. In the lead up to a new contract, Capita TI would usually spend a couple of months beforehand to look at the interpreting provision needed, whether there are sufficient interpreters in the area and if not, recruit more interpreters to an area. As they have not had the chance to do this, we cannot expect them to be fulfilling at the previous rate of 97% straight away.

The onus is currently on our staff to keep an eye on their own bookings to make sure that an interpreter is assigned to their appointments. Staff will receive a confirmation email once an interpreter is found but the portal does also have the benefit of being able to log in at any point to see whether your job has been assigned to an interpreter. You can look under assigned jobs and unassigned jobs and you can look at the activity tab under each appointment to see where they are with the booking, which interpreters have been asked, which interpreters have been rung so you can check on your appointments at any time. If your appointment remains unfulfilled, please remember you can access telephone interpreting at any time.

All details of the how to access the T&I service can be found on My DCHS:

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the service, please get in touch with Jo Stevens on or 07890 562596.