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I wish my manager knew......

As part of mental health awareness week we are launching the DCHS ‘I wish my manager knew’ campaign. There are many things that we are all battling with behind the scenes that can affect our mental health. These things can be uncomfortable to discuss so we keep them to ourselves and don’t share with managers or peers. However struggling on in silence can mean that we don’t get the help or support we might need.

That’s why we’ve launched ‘I wish my manager knew’ to help us all see that it isn’t just us that struggles with these things and, if we are able to discuss them, there is lots of help and support available. Check out our video which highlights some of the issues that we know staff have struggled with and keep a look out for our posters around the trust which have loads of signposting and support information.

If you’re a manager then we’ve also produced a quick guide to support you to have these conversations with your staff. If you have any questions about the campaign or would like more information please email