News and Notices

Cyber attack - UPDATE

Messages for staff

1) Clarity on the process to ensure your devices are safe to use

  • What you have done so far in putting the cable into your device or docking the device is good practice and we are not changing this advice. Please continue to do so.
  • On Friday we know that nearly all of our hardware estate had been updated and more will have been updated since then.
  • We will remotely identify any devices that still need patching.
  • Nothing has been identified on a DCHS network that has been infected.
  • If you feel your computer or mobile device is behaving unusually then remove the cable connections, switch the device off and contact the IT helpdesk.

2) Update on availability of systems

  • Access to online files is available in some areas. If you have access you are ok to use. If you haven’t got access then please don’t phone IT helpdesk = these are blocked for a reason.
  • WIFI is available but patchy and intermittent
  • Remote access is currently not available
  • NHS Mail is now available
  • Smartcards – can be used on a DCHS network, they will not work remotely as remote access is not available
  • Citrix is not available
  • Epay is working but no email alerts will be generated
  • ESR is working but no notifications will not be generated

3) E-rostering is working – leaders please access and ensure all shifts are finalised today – this needs to be done TODAY (Monday) to ensure people can be paid. Any issues please contact Lynne Shelton on 07776485016

4) Datix – is working and please use. However there are no email alerts generated so for any serious clinical or health and safety incidents please escalate to your line manager.

5) Phone lines across many sites continue to be intermittent