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Cyber attack - update 16 May

Staff update issued at 12 noon

1. Ensuring your device is safe

  • Anyone who hasn’t already done so, please ensure your mobile devices (laptop or Toughbook) have been connected to the DCHS network through the DCHS wi-fi or a blue cable or a docking station.  
  • Ipads and smartphones are not at risk and do not need any special attention 
  • Today we continue to run several IT drop in clinics to support staff who are having difficulty updating their devices.  Please call in at any of these points below. Reception areas will be able to direct you to where the IT clinic is running. 
Babington Hospital
The Hub, South Normanton
Ilkeston Community Hospital
Long Eaton Health Centre
Swadlincote Health Centre
Walton Hospital
St Oswald’s Hospital
Cavendish Hospital
Clay Cross Hospital
Bolsover Hospital
Repton Health Centre
New Mills Health Centre (from 1.30pm)
Ripley Hospital
Whitworth Hospital
Walton Hospital


  • We will also continue to remotely identify any devices that still need patching. 
  • We can still confirm that nothing has been identified on a DCHS network that has been infected. 
  • If you feel your computer or mobile device is behaving unusually then remove the cable connections, switch the device off and contact the IT helpdesk.

2. Update on availability of systems

  • Access to online files is still inconsistent.  If you have access you are ok to use.  If you haven’t got access then please don’t phone the IT helpdesk  - these are blocked for a reason.
  • Wi-fi is available but continues to be intermittent
  • Remote access is still not available
  • NHS Mail is now available
  • Smartcards – can be used on a DCHS network (via cable or DCHS wi-fi), they will not work remotely as remote access is not available
  • Citrix continues to be unavailable
  • Epay is working but email alerts may not be generated
  • ESR is working but notifications may not be generated
  • Oracle is running successfully
  • NHS Supply Chain is running successfully
  • E-rostering continues to be working and thank you to all leaders who completed shifts in time for payroll yesterday.

3. Datix continues to be working. However we believe there are still no email alerts generated when an incident is reported or when using the communication and feedback section of the form, so for any serious clinical or health and safety incidents please escalate to your line manager.

4. Phone lines across all sites are generally fine.  BUT we know the following sites are experiencing issues – Repton, Swadlincote, St Oswald’s and some city sites.   
The following sites – Babington, Ilkeston, St Oswald’s, Ripley and Long Eaton, Whitworth and Newholme are also experiencing problems with answerphone retrieval.

Further updates will be issued via My DCHS staff intranet and NHS mail email.