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TRAC recruitment system update

Our TRAC system has successfully been implemented and we are all getting to grips with the new ways of working.  Here are a few updates for Appointing Officers to take note of:

TRAC Icon on Desktops

You should now have an Icon on your Desktop called TRAC that you can click on to make it easy to sign into the system. Hopefully you will find this useful.

Scanning Documents  

Successful candidates - Once Appointing Officers have interviewed candidates, can you please scan and attach all their interview paperwork including ID documentation to TRAC to avoid any unnecessary delays in offers being issued.

Unsuccessful candidates – For those that are unsuccessful, please continue to scan and send the interview notes (RT04s) to your Staffing Solutions Officer via your usual outlook email account.

Job Descriptions

Please ensure that the job descriptions that Appointing Officers are attaching to TRAC are in Word format wherever possible and there is no need for you to split the Person Spec from the JD to add separately, this can all be attached to the JD section on TRAC in one document.  They need the updated DCHS logo adding and the salary section should state ‘as advertised’ rather than the salary range as many are coming through with last year’s salaries on.  They also need a standard paragraph on Health & Safety adding to all JDs as follows:

Health & Safety

Junk Email

We have been informed that occasionally emails from TRAC have been sent to individual Junk Email accounts.  Can you please check your Junk Email and if you do receive an email from TRAC in this area, please right click on the email, select ‘junk’ and ‘Never block sender’.  This is stop this from happening in future.

Delegated Authority

If Appointing Officers have admin staff who work on recruitment on their behalf, they can give delegated authority for the admin staff to access TRAC on their behalf.  To set this up, please email Staffing Solutions giving your authorisation to set this up and we will then action accordingly.  The admin staff will then have their own login on TRAC but will be able to see all your recruitment going through process and will be able to process on your behalf.

Recruiting unsuccessful candidates to the Bank

If you are thinking of recommending unsuccessful applicants to join the bank can you please ensure that applicants have the appropriate skills/knowledge etc for the role and that you would be happy for them to work on the bank in your location.  Can you also explain that bank workers have to work at least 1 shift every 6 months in order to retain their worker assignment with DCHS and that they will have to pay upfront for their DBS check before the appointment is confirmed.  Please then move these candidates to the ‘offer pending’ stage on TRAC, stating BANK on the offer details.

If you have any queries or need assistance with TRAC please remember there are user guides and video tutorials for managers in the ‘Help’ tab on TRAC or contact Staffing Solutions via 01246 253077, opt 2 or email