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Safe parking is everyone's business

A message from Pat Arnold, site manager at St Oswald's Hospital -

As you are aware, the safe use and security of St Oswald’s Hospital site (like all of DCHS sites) is of the utmost importance. The car parking on the site is becoming increasingly busy at times and spaces are of the premium. Parking in spaces not designated for parking are considered a Health and Safety risk and would obstruct access to the site in the event of a fire. Therefore, I would just like to politely remind everyone to use the car parking responsibly and considerately at all times by adhering to the following guidance below.

 Respect the needs of patient parking on sites

 Park in designated spaces

 Do not park on double yellow lines

 Do not park on pavements obstructing walkways

 The disabled spaces are for those who personally hold a Blue Badge

 No parking at any time in the ambulance Bay

 Do not park in front of designated emergency exits

 Do not park in crossed hatch areas

 Do not double park

 Only staff with a permit should be parking in the car park beyond the barrier so please ensure your car park permit is clearly displayed. Please advise colleagues visiting for meeting of the available car parks in Ashbourne.

 Only staff employed by the GP practice is entitled to park in the designated area just before the barrier on the left. Please ensure that the rear of the car does not create an obstruction and is inside the white lines

 Areas designated for GP parking are for GPs

 Staff should utilize the 30 minute drop-off and pick-up spaces only when appropriate (short term use only)

 Anyone who holds a resident parking permit should utilize the council car parking facilities where possible.

 Staff who live within close proximity to the site, should be encouraged to walk, cycle or car share where possible.

 Any incidents regarding aggressive behavior towards staff should be reported following the correct reporting procedure.

Anyone parking in a space not designated for parking will be personally liable for any incidents that may occur as a result of parking inappropriately. Chief Executive: Tracy Allen Chair: Prem Singh

Thank you for your support in ensuring effective and safe parking.

Pat Arnold

Pat Arnold

Site Manager

St Oswald’s Hospital