News and Notices

Cyber-attack update: 22 May 2017 – 17.00

A huge thank you to all staff for their patience, resourcefulness and co-operation in the days that have followed the cyber-attack.  We know it has not always been easy, but we are really pleased to be able to confirm that:

  • All clinical systems are now working as expected. 
  • Staff should now be able to access shared/team drives and personal folders. 
  • Wi-Fi – is working apart from the Wi-Fi arrangements for staff working from DCC buildings (& DCC staff working in our buildings).  We are hoping this will be restored very soon.
  • VPN/RAS – is now fully functional and anyone experiencing continued problems should contact the Arden & GEM  Helpdesk – 0300 123 1020
  • The cyber-attack call centre will close today at 16.30.  Please do not call any of the numbers with an IT query as these numbers will now revert to their original owners who may not be able to answer your queries!
  • We are aware of the outstanding telephony issues at Long Eaton, Swadlincote  & Alfreton HC.  These are being worked on and we hope the problem will be fixed very soon.

Please note:
Staff returning from annual leave/sick leave/maternity leave who are unsure  what to do …..
Connect your device to the network via a blue cable or Wi-Fi at a DCHS site. 

  • If you switch it on and your device allows you to access the network your device is ‘patched’ and safe to use.
  • If you switch on and you see this message: 

Your device has been switched off and you are not allowed on to the network.  The devices that have been switched off were all inactive/dormant and have not accessed the network for 45 days plus.  Staff experiencing this must:

  1. Note device #
  2. Call the Arden & GEM IT helpdesk AFTER Tuesday 23 May 2017 – 0300 1231020
  3. Ask to be reconnected to the network.

Future proofing
All staff are reminded they MUST  be connected to the DCHS network via Wi-Fi or blue network cable in a DCHS property at least once per month.  It is good practice to do this once per week.  This is to ensure all devices are kept cyber secure and have the most up to date security.