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Getting Things Done Together-Staff Forum

The Staff Forum provides the oppertunity for all staff to suggest ways to improve the trust. What would you like to see on the agenda for discussion at the next Staff Forum? Forum members will meet soon to consider all suggestions and agree the final agenda for the next forum on 12th July. If you would like to raise something please contact one of our forum members to make a suggestion.

Click here for Staff Forum members or email with your ideas for agenda items by Friday 10th June 2016.

  • Restricted bookings for the 2 meeting rooms and the Training room to Whitworth based staff only
  • A review of clinic booking times to try and even out activity
  • Provision of hot-desk soace for DCC collegues who cover the North Dales to use Newholme Hospital as their base.
  • DCHS Community Therapy Team provided with 'tough books' to enable more mobile working with less trips to base.

We will continue to monitor the situation. Kind regards.

Jonathan Sanderson-General Manager, High Peaks & Dales

Kay Bradley-Locality Manager