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Cyber-attack impact – urgent action required regarding mobile devices (laptops/Toughbooks/ipads/smartphones)

In the days and weeks that follow this NHS cyber-attack there will be much reflection on lessons learnt, and changes implemented to ensure our resilience for future attacks.   

Luckily for us a small team at DCHS had spent a lot of time tracking mobile devices earlier this year.  Their hard work ensured that we were able to respond much more swiftly and with greater confidence following this attack, and were able to restore clinical systems and get staff back treating patients much quicker than many of our neighbouring community trusts. 

That all said – we can’t rest on our laurels.  It is imperative that leaders and staff alike realise the importance of keeping the ESR property register as up to date as possible.

All leaders MUST :

a) verify annually that the property is still in use by individual staff as part of the appraisal conversation

b) add new mobile devices and update any change via ESR Property Register at the time of issue/change.  This function is only available to managers via MSS

 c) advise staff that they are responsible for ensuring their work mobile telephone number is recorded accurately on ESR so that managers can support lone working

 d) be aware that once equipment has been issued to a member of staff it will stay with them as long as it is required in their job role, and will transfer with them if they change job within DCHS so long as it is required in their new role. Information on how to request/order new equipment can be found here.

All staff MUST:

a) be responsible for the safe care and appropriate use of the mobile devices; reporting lost/stolen/damaged or no longer required devices to managers

b) connect to the network via a blue cable in a DCHS property at least once per month.

For further information please see here.