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Happy 105th Birthday to Derbyshire resident, Dick!

At 105 years-old, Dick Tetlow is the oldest patient treated by the day unit team at Babington Hospital. Dick was born on 20 April 1912, in the week the Titanic sank, and until well over his 100th birthday he lived independently. But after a fall, while out and about, he was referred to our day unit team at Babington for help to improve his balance, gait and stamina.

As well as getting steadier on his feet, thanks to attending the day unit, he also inspired the staff and the other patients – many of whom were 30 years younger than Dick. Dick has showed an amazing motivation and a great sense of humour throughout his time as a patient in the unit. Dick, who lives with his son Brian in Godfrey Street, Heanor, loved the sociability of attending the day unit as well as the exercises and the lunch! He was sorry when his programme of rehabilitation came to  
an end and wished it could be an ongoing service.

He said: “They always greeted me well and treated me well. I enjoyed the exercises and still do a bit of them now at home. The dinners were good too!” Joy Wood, rehabilitation support worker, was one of the team to work with Dick. She said: “He was very uplifting with the other patients and  a real inspiration to us all.” Dick is a former Nottingham bus driver, who retired aged 63 in 1975.  His recipe for a long, healthy life: “I’m a very positive person. I tell people: you walk tall, you keep smiling and you eat what’s put in front of you.”