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Security alert - cyber attack fraudsters

Following on from recent incidents, staff are reminded to be extra vigilant in the wake of the cyber attack.

This afternoon two men entered a department at Sherwood Forest Hospitals claiming to be from NHIS and asked to look at the computers within the department following the recent cyber-attack. 

As staff did not recognise these men they asked to see their identification, the men were unable to show any identification and quickly left the department.  These men are not employed by NHIS. 

The first man is around 5’10”, has grey hair, is slightly overweight and was wearing grey trousers and a grey shirt.  The second man is of similar build, but had dark hair and was wearing a blue polo shirt and trousers. 

All NHIS staff carry photo identification so please only give access to people with this identification.

  • All IT Staff will carry identification be able to produce correct ID.
  • Please challenge anyone you do not recognise.

If you have any questions relating to security or the information guidelines above then please contact myself on 07833 295383 or by email at

(secure email address)